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The way we see it, a payment is not just an exchange of funds. A payment is an extension of a merchant’s brand; the culmination of all their sales, marketing and merchandising investments. If handled properly, it’s not an end but a beginning of a long and profitable consumer relationship.For our valued merchants, we understand there are several companies out there; this is definitely a competitive industry.  The difference?  Our commitment and service to ensure a smooth transition from your current system and continued assistance throughout your time with us.  The equipment we offer is state-of-the-art, and with our free POS program, we know the systems we’re able to offer provide opportunities with merchants who otherwise may not be in the position to be able to upgrade their existing systems.

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Establishing a merchant account with us is easy. Take advantage of our free equipment offerings, or use your existing equipment, and receive competitive processing rates.

Gift & Loyalty
We offer 50 free customized, full color cards and a 60-day free trial to all of our merchants. We offer a variety of card options to best suit your specific needs.
Cash Advance
Offer the predictability of a fixed repayment structure. Financing is based on the business’s annual gross sales and cash flow.

Harbortouch’s cutting-edge payment technology enables you to accept emerging payment types such as Apple Pay, NFC and EMV.

The Harbortouch VIP Account Program delivers a best-in-class POS experience for our most valued customers.  With a high profile data breach recently impacting one of the largest POS companies, many business owners are concerned about the security of their POS system and are facing expensive PCI and/or EMV upgrade costs.
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